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The Political community generally has cold feet towards the use of technology in the enhancement of their field but it actually has come to stay as a more efficient and even rewarding mode of Election campaigning and of executing all political responsibilities. From the use of computers in offices to the running of campaign websites for information and now to the use of sms services as a means of disseminating campaign manifestos, Engaging supporters, recieving
donations and much more !This Idea of using SMS as a way of expressing their manifesto is totally rewarding in all its facets for this community as their utmost goal is to succeed in their chosen ambition.
Gpointsms helps to retrieve via location based researching the numbers of supporters in wards,districts and constituency in order to increase a candidates chances!

Election facts

* Today’s voters are not only the old. This year would see an unprecendented increase in young voters.
* INEC has announced to use under graduates and corpers as election officials and thus has awakened the political consciousness of the younger generation.
*Every Nigerian youth older than 18 yrs old would want to vote this year.

An that is the opportunity! there in lies the power. A politician can harness the love that emanates from this young voters and even the older ones via engaging directly with them and getting to campaign to them in a way that they understand. And what is that way? Just take a look at the young people in your city or town, walking down the street
and driving in their cars.   Look at how many of those people are typing away on their mobile phones. Those citizens are text messaging, communicating with their peers and other potential voters.  Text messaging is the trendiest form of communication today as long as the savvy politician realizes this and does so via a platform they are
comfortable with, their efforts will ultimately meet a brick wall.

Gpoint SMS has therefore developed a way for political parties to establish contact with their potential younger voters, using technology that they are comfortable with, to build a relationship.

Young people are a hard to reach audience.  Anything that encourages greater participation in the political process is a huge benefit.
There’s no better way to target young adults than through their cell phone.  That’s why text message marketing is such a great campaigning tool.  Almost every text message sent is delivered and read immediately.

Text messaging is the easiest, most effective way to get the word out about your candidate or political party.

Instead of sticking to ONLY the traditional methods of campaigning i.e printing posters and doing signboards .every "Goodluck Jonathan for President" poster at an appearance should have a call-to-action to enable thousands of voters to pull out their phones, join the candidate's crusade, and easily invite their own friends to support the cause.

Each "Fashola for Governor " TV commercial should supply simple directions to allow viewers to use their phone to instantly hear the speech the candidate gave in Ikeja yesterday, and donate money with the touch of a key... effective mobile marketing can offer such a rich, personalized experience for voters and reach such a large audience that omitting it from a political media strategy shows an over-reliance on campaign tactics of the past. The mobile phone has the audio, imagery and video of TV. It has the access to the on-demand content and interactivity of the internet, and is available in the Nigerian voters' pockets. 140 million potential mini-billboards seem awfully attractive. These are not concepts of the future. They are the opportunities that are waiting for the resourceful candidate today!

GPOINT SMS leverages the mobile technology of the day to provide ideas that drive and propel success in any field that chooses to do business with us.